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Tools for DIY enthusiasts

From rotary hammers to tile spacers

Today a treehouse, tomorrow a new built-in kitchen: No project is too big for a real DIY enthusiast: Make your home a happy and comfortable place - with the right machines and devices from Einhell. Discover our hand-held power tools or our powerful stationary machines. Experience the freedom of a cordless world with our Power X-Change Battery System or feel the pure power of our compressors and machines. Enjoy comfortable design, reliable quality and impressive service - from DIY enthusiasts for DIY enthusiasts!

Whatever be the project you are planning, the right tool will make it child's play. See for youself, how our devices and machines can make you a true Enabler and make everything possible - at home, workshop or in the garage.

Einhell advantages for DIY enthusiasts
  • Convincing value for money
  • Wide selection of tools and machines
  • Tools and devices developed in-house
  • High quality and safety standards
  • Up to 24-month guarantee and telephone support

Einhell tools for all areas of application

Power tools

Drilling, bolting and hammering

As versatile as your DIY projects: Whether you are moving, renovating or simply want to turn the world upside down, with Einhell's hand-held power tools you will find suitable devices for all types of work.

From battery powered impact drills to powerful hand-held circular saws we offer a wide range of tools, that are simple to use and yet can perform the toughest of tasks. Ideal for Beginners and DIY experts!

Discover now suitable power tools for your project. Experience modern features, high-quality design and the excellent Einhell value-for-money advantage. Find out your yourself our excellent guarantee and after-sales services. Roll up your sleeves - make your DIY dreams come true!

Stationary machines

Sawing, welding and building up pressure

Take up new challenges with maximum Einhell-Power for really big projects! Our stationary machines can be used anywhere, where a lot of power and precision is required. On the construction site, in brickwork, in the kitchen or bathroom, garage or garden. They can perform the most varied tasks: Need air pressure to clean? Then reach out for one of our powerful air compressors. You want to cut parquet flooring, tiles or stones? Our saws and separators will do the work for you. Repairs or craft work? Do it right, with one of our welding machines!

In all this talk about power and performance, we have not forgotten one important thing: You! Our machines are simple to use and easy to operate. They help you in your work and make your projects happen. Watch now!

Cleaning devices

Vacuuming, spraying and cleaning

Make life miserable for dust, grime and dirt: Einhell's wet/dry vacuum cleaners, ash vacuum cleaners and high pressure cleaners are real all-rounders when it comes to cleaning. With a wet/dry vacuum cleaner you can clear away wet construction debris, a clogged rain drain or dog hair from the trunk - hygienic!

Say goodbye to hot ash from the chimney with one of our fire-proof ash vacuum cleaners. Blow away stubborn stains on the wall, car paint or in stone joints in no time with our high pressure cleaner. Don't dirty your hands -  reach out for an Einhell professional cleaning device.

Car tools

Bolting, tinkering and maintaining

No pain no gain. If you love your wheels you must work hard to help it look good. If you love your car,  you must take care of it with  Einhell car maintenance products and accessories! Your eyes turn moist when you see paint becoming dull? Pamper your car with a good bright facial using our polishing machines.

You do not want to wait half-a-day in the workshop waiting for them to change your car tires? Do it yourself, it is easy, safe and quick with our trolley jack and impact screw driver.

And as battery specialists we at Einhell naturally have a heart for your battery. Get, set, go!

More than just a wide selection! Einhell tools for DIY enthusiasts: Innovative technology, reliable service and exceptional value for money. Guaranteed.
All Power X-Change devices rotate around the battery in a circular overview graphic.

The Power X-Change battery system

Versatile, flexible - and completely cordless

You dream of simple working with your hands without cumbersome cables? Then take a look at our unique Power X-Change battery system: The state-of-the-art high-performance batteries supply reliable and durable power - whether it is in the workshop, garage or home. Highlight: Our batteries are multifunctional and fit any Power X-Change device, from cordless screw drivers and rotary hammers to our new PRESSITO electric compressor. It is really a powerful battery system!