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Accessories for DIY enthusiasts, hobby gardeners and car enthusiasts

Power X-Change batteries and chargers, tool and gear wagons and more

Now get more from your Einhell garden tools and equipment - with our high quality accessories and enhancements. From battery chargers to workshop equipment you will find here all that you need to meaningfully complete your DIY equipment.

In addition to accessories for the workshop or garden sheds, we offer you an extensive range of car accessories and accessories for our heaters.

Einhell tools accessories. Your advantage:
  • Brand accessories from KWB
  • Wide range of special accessories for all areas of implementation
  • Satisfying value-for-money
  • High quality and safety standards
  • Guarantee and telephone support

Tool accessories for all areas of application

Power X-Change

Batteries and chargers for our battery system

One battery - thousand opportunities. Power X-Change is a true battery family,  it accepts any tool with the same battery type into its fold. Our Power X-Change accessories make you even more flexible - with new batteries, separate charger and beneficial starter sets.

Tools & Machines

The perfect accessory for any workshop

Every project takes you twice so long, because you are never able to find the tool you need? There is no space in any drawer or cabinet for you to put your stuff? In our tools accessories, you will find the right aid to organise your workshop better and more efficiently. Our workshop wagons are perfectly organised and offer enough place for all your handtools - small or big.

Getting organised is half the work done - that is why we have some more products in our accessories range. From practical forklifts to powerful hoists: Now see for yourself, how you can sensibly equip your workshop.

Cleaning Devices

Ideal for the workshop or when on the road

From jumper cables to portable power banks to reliable jacks, our car accessories come in handy in many different driving situations. High quality and reliability serve well in challenging circumstances and provide great functionality and utmost safety. Our car accessory will be the perfect addition to the collection of all car lovers and DIY enthusiasts, and is a Must Have in every good workshop.

Garden & Forest

Practical complements for hobby gardeners

controlled machines such as garden rollers and multi-purpose spreaders help you lay your new lawn. Einhell's chainsaw grinders ensure that your chain saws cut sharp and clean through thick wood. Our forest safety helmets are the best to protect you from dropping wood pieces or flying splinters. Take a look at our accessories for hobby gardeners now.

With an eye for detail Every detail is taken care of in the tool. That is why our range of accessories is so extensive.

KWB: Accessories from professionals

High quality accessories for high quality tools

Professionals rely on accessories made by KWB! That is why we prefer using tools and materials from accessory specialists from Bremen. From small parts, such as bits and drills, up to large saw blade for circular saws: KWB delivers highest quality and since years has been one of global leaders for tools accessories. It is great to have such a reliable partner by our side!